Invisalign Benefits: Straight Teeth, Better Oral Health & More

Because of the many unique advantages it offers, Invisalign is a very popular teeth alignment system for both adults and teenagers. As a Premier Provider of Invisalign, Dr. Vincent Ip at Smile360 in Austin, TX, offers extensive experience for your treatment. You can be sure he will help you maximize the many Invisalign benefits available.

Improving Oral Health

The most important function of Invisalign is straightening out your smile. Invisalign is designed to correct most mild to moderate tooth and bite alignment problems. As a result, patients also reap other important oral health benefits:

  • Crowded Teeth: Overlapping teeth can be hard to clean, putting patients at increased risk for dental decay. By straightening your smile, Invisalign makes oral hygiene much simpler.
  • Gapped Teeth: Extensive spacing between teeth can make it easier for bacteria to collect below the gum line, potentially causing gum disease.
  • Underbite: When the top teeth rest behind the bottom teeth instead of in front, it is called an underbite. This condition can cause worn teeth and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).
  • Overbite: An overbite occurs when the upper arch of teeth teeth rests too far forward. In many cases, it can lead to worn teeth and jaw pain.
  • Crossbite: Rather than jutting forward, the upper and lower arches may sometimes jut too far to the left or right. As a result, patients are at risk of tooth decay and TMJ-related problems, such as headaches.
  • Open Bite: When a tooth does not make contact with its opposing tooth, it is known as an open bite. This condition can lead to speech impairments and pain while eating.

By straightening out crookedness and misalignment, Invisalign minimizes the risk of many oral health problems.

Teeth before Invisalign treatment
Teeth after Invisalign treatment
Invisalign is a convenient method for adjusting your smile in a relatively short time period. 

No Dietary Restrictions

Traditional orthodontics are often damaged when patients eat hard or chewy foods. As such, patients are advised to stay away from eating things like apples, carrots, or taffy. Having to avoid some of the foods you love for up to a year or longer can be disappointing. Patients may take the chance on a food they know they should not eat and end up in the dentist’s chair for additional work due to a broken wire or bracket.

However, because Invisalign aligners are removable, patients can eat whatever they wish without fear of setting back their orthodontic treatment.

Your Comfort In Mind

Metal wires and brackets can be abrasive to the lips, gums, and insides of the mouth. Patients can develop sores and other irritations as the metal parts rub against their soft tissues. Over time, these injuries can become scars.

In contrast, Invisalign plastic trays have a smooth surface and are customized specifically for your teeth. Since there are no hard or protruding parts to the appliance, the fit is designed to be as comfortable as possible.

Reduced Timeline

Many patients who undergo traditional orthodontic treatment may end up wearing metal braces anywhere from 18 months to four years. Invisalign, in contrast, often offers a significantly reduced timeline of 12 months. However, patients should keep in mind that this estimate is dependent on strict compliance with treatment.

Smiling Confidently Throughout Treatment

Patients are often understandably self-conscious about wearing traditional braces. Not only are wires and brackets noticeable, there is also a risk of food getting caught during meals.

Invisalign relieves patients of these concerns. The clear plastic trays are almost imperceivable over the teeth. Patients can confidently smile, laugh, and converse without wondering if other people are noticing their orthodontic treatment. The discretion of Invisalign is a huge benefit in day-to-day life. It is also a big plus for special occasions with important photo opportunities, such as weddings and dances.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Straighter Smile

With so many advantages to the Invisalign system, particularly compared to traditional orthodontics, it is easy to see why so many patients have chosen this therapy. Learn more today by calling us at (512) 444-4746 or reach out to us online.

Dr. Ip

Smile 360

At Smile 360, our mission is to provide patient-centered dental care in a friendly environment. Dr. Ip has been a practicing dentist since 2006 and is proud to be affiliated with a number of prestigious organizations, including the:

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