VIO2 Mouth Tape

Do you have poor sleep quality? Do you snore? Do you breathe through your mouth?

VIO2™ Mouth Tape is a multi-faceted sleep solution that can help you live your life to the fullest.

Smile 360 in Austin, TX, recommends VIO2 Mouth Tape for patients who want to improve their airway, oral, and overall health.

Why Choose VIO2 Mouth Tape Over Other Brands?

VIO2 Mouth Tape is made with your comfort in mind. While competing mouth tapes may cover your mouth completely, causing sleep disturbances and fight or flight responses, VIO2 is made to cover only part of your mouth for a gentler, more comfortable experience.

VIO2 Mouth Tape is made of hypoallergenic medical-grade adhesive and a cotton blend fabric for a comfortable fit that won't irritate sensitive skin. It also works with facial hair. With a unique shape, people wearing this type of mouth tape can sleep peacefully and still drink through a straw when they need a midnight refreshment.

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How to Use Your VIO2 Mouth Tape

"VIO2 is made to cover only part of your mouth for a gentler, more comfortable experience."
"VIO2 is made to cover only part of your mouth for a gentler, more comfortable experience."


VIO2 Mouth Tape can be worn in two different ways: like an "H" or like an "I." Choose the position that feels most comfortable for you.


Peel off the paper backing and gently press the tape over your mouth. Be sure to apply your mouth tape shortly before you go to sleep because you won't be able to speak, laugh, or drink regularly.


In the morning, gently peel off the mouth tape. If you have facial hair, we recommend peeling in a downward motion.


If you want to see how much of a difference mouth tape makes in your life, take notes about how you feel when you wake up in the morning. You can also take before and after photos to see the changes in your facial profile.

Breathing Through Your Nose Can Improve All Areas of Your Life

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Dentists and doctors agree that breathing through your mouth as you sleep can cause sleep apnea and snoring. Mouth tape helps you sleep more deeply and peacefully, minimizing the concerns that can disrupt your and your partner's rest.

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Oral Health

Mouth breathing causes the drying of the oral structures and the decrease of saliva production, which works to neutralize acids and flush away bacteria. Ultimately, mouth tape can stave off concerns like gum disease and tooth decay.

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When worn during exercise, mouth tape can train you to breathe through your nose, enhancing your oxygen intake. Higher oxygen levels help you reach peak performance.

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Other Areas of Your Life

Patients find that mouth tape helps them feel youthful, energized, and healthier. Mouth tape increases your oxygen levels while you sleep to boost your immunity, elevate physical performance, improve cognitive function, and enhance your body's tissue recovery.

VIO2 Is Among Our Recommended Products

Dr. Ip has added VIO2 Mouth Tape to his list of recommended products at our Austin, TX, office. He trusts this mouth tape to improve your airway health and contribute to your overall oral care and wellness.

"Dr. Ip is caring and compassionate."


Amy DeFrank


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Best dental experience I have ever had. Dr. Ip is passionate about his practice. He and his team are world class! I highly recommend SMILE 360.

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Dr. Ip is a caring and compassionate dentist, and will work with your budget toward a health-centered approach. Cleanings are chill and comfortable. Have been to many dentists in Austin and Smile 360 is great.

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